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Masta Property Investment Service

Masta Property Investment's purpose is to assist clients who want to utilise property as a vehicle to create wealth and passive income streams in retirement but require professional expertise and guidance in developeing a strategy and building a portfolio. Masta assists in a range of areas including: 

  • Property research and analysis
  • Sourcing investment property
  • How your tax dollars can actually fund property for you
  • Identifying pockets of growth with strong cash flow
  • Correct selection and structuring to maximise returns and cash flow
  • Cash positive investment strategies
  • How to correctly structure investment finance that benefits you, not the banks
  • How to purchase investment property with little or no deposit
  • How you can buy property through your super fund
  • Conveyancing
  • Depreciation reporting
  • Property management
  • Risk mitigation and asset protection
  • Home loan review  

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